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Table 8 Determination of the web plan vector for a current configuration

From: An overview of the plastic-hinge analysis of 3D steel frames

  1. (i−1) I, (i−1) J, (i) I and (i) J are the coordinates of the nodes at the last (i  1)th and the current (i)th configurations, respectively
  2. (i−1)yk is web plan vector of the element at the last configuration, perpendicular to the member axis
  3. φk is the rotation of the element about its axis (Table 6)
  4. \({}^{(i - 1)}\bar{y}_{k}\) is the position of (i-1)yk after performing the rotation φk
  5. \({}^{(i)}\bar{y}_{k}\) is a web plan vector of the member at the current configuration, parallel to \({}^{(i - 1)}\bar{y}_{k}\)
  6. \({}^{(i)}y_{k}\) is the web plan vector of the current configuration that is \({}^{(i)}\bar{y}_{k}\) after normalizing (still in the web plan but perpendicular to the member axial axis)